T. & R.

 Our senior adult group is called T. & R., which stands for "Tired and Retired." But don't let the name fool you. This is one of the most active groups in our church. They meet monthly on the second Tuesday at 11:30 for a lunch meeting in the FLC. They plan a number of trips and special activities both for their group and the church. For example, in recent months they have taken trips to visit our shut-ins, to Falls Mill in Belvedere, to the local Mt. Pleasant Park, and to Ridgecrest, NC. They sponsored a Fish Fry in September for the church and community which was the largest one to date.

The T. & R.  has been instrumental in raising money for several important projects of the church, including a new church bus (2006), a new church steeple (2009), 4 new large window shades for the auditorium (2010), and a new video projector for the auditorium (2011). They have also sent money to purchase chairs for Gethsemane Baptist Mission in Boca de Arrollo, Sinaloa, Mexico (2010).

If you think you can keep up, come join our T. & R. group.